About the academy

Dragon Spirit Shaolin Academy offers traditional Chinese martial arts for mind, body and soul. We strongly believe that the Shaolin culture can make a real difference to both your internal and external wellbeing.

You will learn to relax, de-stress, and improve your health and wellbeing through the gentle practice of QiGong, or take classes with a focus on Northern & Southern Wudang Shaolin Kung Fu practices. At our academy you will find a friendly and welcoming environment.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist, our classes can help you to achieve your personal goals. If you are looking for some thing different, unique & authentic that will help you reach your full potential then Dragon Spirit Shaolin Academy is the place for you

Why are we here?

We are passionate about keeping  the real spirit of the Shaolin Kung Fu arts alive. By learning and sharing these arts we can discipline ourselves and promote a better understanding of life to a higher spiritual level and maintain and develop our physical & mental bodies


About Sifu Aaron

Having trained in Shaolin Kung Fu for 16 years, Sifu Aaron is a highly qualified and experienced martial artist. He is currently an 8th degree black sash and has been teaching for 7 years. His teachings include both northern & southern wudang Shaolin Kung Fu, along with traditional shaolin fist forms and weapons. Sifu Aaron believes that you must develop both your internal and external wellbeing to achieve true wellness.

In 2015, Sifu Aaron traveled to China where he spent three months as a student in a Shaolin Kung Fu school. He enjoys sharing some of the forms and exercises that he learned in his time at the school.

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