Shaolin Kung Fu

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“Kung Fu” is often misinterpreted to mean fighting but what it actually means is “hard work”.

Traditional Chinese martial arts can be categorised into northern & southern styles. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is generally long or middle range fighting with an emphasis on kicking, moving and jumping, while Southern Shaolin Kung Fu is more of a middle to short range fighting, specialising in more hand technique and less kicking

When QiGong training is integrated into martial arts forms it increases the effectiveness of an individuals martial techniques which is also taught at our academy

About our Shaolin Kung Fu training

Our training involves moderate to high physical activity, dependent on your individual experience and ability. This will improve your flexibility, balance, stamina, strength, speed and determination

You will learn traditional Shaolin stretches, stances, kicks, jumps, drills (a combination of movements), hand forms, weapon forms, Shaolin Kung Fu applications & sparring. Please don’t let the term sparring put you off, we do not do full contact fighting but we promote a light and controlled application of the movements that you have been learning

We train traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and not the circus style performances that you may have seen. We are part of the British Chinese Council for Martial Arts (BCCMA) which provides a guarantee that what you are being taught is an authentic Chinese system

We recommend that QiGong training is completed alongside our Shaolin Kung Fu classes. This will help you to retain the essence of martial power which enhances muscular power.

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